Random Quote Machine - feedback appreciated!

Hi folks,

I wanted to share my project with you! Here it is:

I have access to last 40 quotes from an API (new quotes are being added too and replacing old ones) and I’m simply getting a random one between 0-39 numbers. Site can have a lot of colors (look for getRandomColor() function :smile: ).

I used some jQuery, bootstrap and few CSS tricks. Request for external API via ajax + some cool loading page (or not :sweat_smile: ). I would be really glad to hear some criticism as well. If you have any questions/ideas don’t mind telling them.


Sometimes the color makes the quote hard to read (like yellow).

Still it’s good :thumbsup:

Yeah, I could’ve used some sort of only good-looking colors, but I went for all of them. Anyways, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, nice :slight_smile:

But legibility is a problem due to contrast of the colours against the white background.