Random Quote Machine feedback (Bootstrap, JQuery)

Dear Fellow Campers,

I just finished my Random Quote Machine! I used Boostrap, SASS, and JQuery.

I would love to hear your feedback!

Codepen: https://codepen.io/kiwisquash/pen/ydBdwd
Netlify: https://nifty-blackwell-02b2c9.netlify.com/

It seems the initial animation can be a bit jerky on Codepen. It looks fine on Netlify.

My RQM has a few differences compared to the sample project:

  • my project does not have color changes
  • my project has smoother transition between quotes
  • my project is responsive (thanks to bootstrap)
  • my project disallows tweets when the combined length of the quote and the author name exceeds 140.
  • my project uses $.getJSON to grab the quotes from the quotes.json, and the code appears to be simpler (I followed the hint from this post: Can someone please explain to me what this code does?)