Random Quote Machine - feedback please =)


I just finished Random Quote Machine challenge. Let me know what y’all think.

Link: https://codepen.io/AvanthiK/full/abzxwWW


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Awesome Job. I loved it so much I forget to review and find mistakes.
But I would recommend to use Flexbox in your style instead of Positions. It wil be less code with flex-box. Also use some transition effect for quotes change. Also align Tweet quote and nex quote buttonn little bit properly , may be center bottom.

Nice idea to use different background.
I recommend to you to start also with random quote. Now always start with Einstein.

Looks nice. A few issues:

  • You don’t have the white outline on the New Quote button when it is in keyboard focus.
  • The cursor is a pointer when hovered over the Tweet Quote button but not over the New Quote button
  • If you increase the text size only your buttons begin to leave the colored quote box
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Thanks for the review! I made the recommended changes and am now using flex instead of position.

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Thanks for the review!

Thanks for reviewing!
I changed the cursor style so now both have the same style. I think I fixed the problem in regards to your third point about the text size.