Random Quote Machine (Feedback? :))

Hi guys,
So this is my random quote machine http://codepen.io/atatangban/pen/vKRgRZ ! I was literally stuck on getting my “quote” button to work for 2 days just because I added “https” to my forismatic api instead of “http”, but I’m finally done. Please any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hey, good job! Few things though. I would add { cursor: pointer } to your tweet button. Also you add the click event handler for the tweet button every time you load a new tweet. Try clicking “new quote” several times and then the twitter logo: it opens several new tabs. You can prevent this by using tweet.unbind().click(function() { instead of tweet.click(function() { this will remove all previous handlers.


I agree with @BenGitter. Also, I’d recommend against using the Lobster font for the main text, such as the quotes themselves. Lobster is beautiful for headings, but it isn’t easy to read. See http://fontpair.co/#four for Google fonts that pair well with Lobster.

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Thanks for the feedback Ben. Much appreciated. Will implement your suggestions right away.

Thanks for the feedback Jan. I will check them out right away.

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