Random quote machine (feedback)

Hello all, I’am Amos Dorceus and I’am new to FFC forum. I have finished with my random quote machine. I would appreciate your feedback and comments. Here is the link https://codepen.io/T-Lamo/pen/NWWpRpV

Your rqm pass all the tests and is fully functional. I would only refine a little the css part in order to make it look good also on mobiles. Good job :+1:

Tank you for your feedback #Sorinr.

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Nice work!

The transitions on the color changes are cool.

I’m wondering why you async before React? As I understand it, it’s probably not necessary?

 async componentDidMount(){

I do that because according my research I found that I should use async key word when I had to call an API. Beside that, it does not work with out it…