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So I started to take a look at the Random Quote Machine assignment and I’m a little confused. It says that I need to fetch a new Quote every time the new-Quote-buttton is clicked. Then I took a look into the example that is provided and I see within the JS-file that there is something used called Ajax and other new stuff that never was mentioned inside the Front End Development Libraries Certification. Now I wonder if it is even possible to finish this project only with the knowledge provided from its curriculum. Maybe I am missing something but I’m 100% sure that something like fetching data from somewhere else and so was not part of the curriculum.

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Challenge: Build a Random Quote Machine

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HI @kzowada !

You don’t technically need to use fetch to pass this project.
You can create an array of quotes yourself and then use that for your project.
That is what I did the first time for my project.

You will learn about ajax in the next certification.

If you want to try and learn about it know you could read through the docs or read through articles that explain how it is done.
But it is not required.

Hope that helps!

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Okay thank you for this tip. Would you recommend hopping into the next certification after finish the 5 React Projects or keep on doing some projects in order to get more familiar with React ?

It is up to you if you want to go onto the next certification and then build your own projects or if you want to build your own React projects and then work on d3.

There is no wrong option.

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