Random Quote Machine - Front End Libraries Project

Is there some things I need to improve here? Thanks guys. Negative/Positive feedback is welcome

I like the new quote transition-in and it’s very cool you have added the screen reader. It looks nice as well.

  1. It would be nice if the quote box didn’t just go blank when fetching a new quote. Not sure what the best approach would be, but some less jarring transition between the old and new quote would be nice.

  2. Not sure how well the reader and new quote icons reflect what actions they represent. I would go with a more audio related icon for the reader and maybe a double spinning arrow for the new quote (I associate the single spinning arrow with a refresh).

Some possible icons

  1. I can’t really speak to the code. If you have the code on GitHub, it might be an idea to add links to the repos. Maybe on the projects page?

Great work, keep it up!

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nice! thanks for taking time and giving feedback. will look into it now. the “add links to repos” is a very good suggestion though