Random Quote Machine Headache, Please Help

Please help me. I’ve gotten to the RQM assignment of the course and it’s been driving me crazy. For some reason, my code won’t load up the API I’m trying to use. Here’s my code and the API I’m trying out.

I’m sorry if the question is stupid, but it’s been driving me crazy for hours now. Please point me in the right direction.

Welllll it looks to me like your URL is missing its beginning, i.e. domain etc.? Just starts with /wp-json?

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You need to add jQuery to codepen JS settings.
Your url is missing first part.
You are missing parenthesis after Math.random();
You need to remove parenthesis after getMyQuote in btn2 event listener.

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I copy-pasted the URL from the site with the API. I guess the domain was implied…

Is regular JQuery enough? Or should I include JQuery UI?

For your project regular is enough.

Thank you for your help! It still won’t work, but you helped me get rid of those little syntax errors that always mess me up. Thank you