Random Quote Machine help (again)

I’ve been following a guide on youtube closely on how to create a random quote machine from scratch. However the quote and author simply does not display. When I hit the share button, the tweet just says “undefined – undefined” instead of “quote – author name”. Any idea what I could be doing wrong here?

Seems like it’s 2 things:

  • CORS problems (use the https version of the API)
  • “success” is misspelled
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I want to shoot myself.

Much appreciated friend.

We’ve all done the “I can’t believe I misspelled one little word and spent an embarrassing amount of time looking for the problem” thing. It won’t be the last time. :wink:

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No problem! Yeah, it’s always the smallest mistakes which are hardest to find. I’ve spent more than a few hours debugging my own typos…

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