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While my project ‘technically’ passes all the guidelines, there are still issues I’d like to resolve before moving on from it completely.

1) When I include href=“twitter.com/intent/tweet” in the following <a> element the Twitter icon ignores my css color settings and turns blue.
<button id='tweet-btn' class='arrows'><a href="twitter.com/intent/tweet" id='tweet-quote' title='Tweet this quote!' target='_blank'><i class="fab fa-twitter fa-2x"></i></a>

2) I can’t figure out how to include the quote in the Twitter link, since tne <a> element won’t accept JSX arguments, such as {this.props.author}.

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to offer some guidance.

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Disregard issue 1. I resolved it it by including the appropriate class in the <a> element itself instead of in the parent <button> class.

Regarding issue 2, I’m currently trying to resolve it by using jQuery in React and I seem to be making progress.

Successfully resolved issue 2 using jQuery.