Random Quote Machine "In The Woods"

Here’s my effort - https://codepen.io/ChrisMorrall/pen/xWpvoR

If anyone can tell me why I get a gost grey box around my buttons after selecting them there are some brownie points up for grab! Done my head in trying to work out why!

It is default Bootstrap styling. It uses box-shadow, so to remove it:

  box-shadow: none !important;

If you don’t care about losing the grey box around the buttons while the button is pressed down, then do as @BenGitter has suggested. However, if you only want to remove the grey box after the button is clicked, then add the following line to each button’s click event. This will remove the focus from the button after the mouse click is finished, but not while it is being clicked. I personally like seeing the effect on mousedown, but agree it looks odd once the click is complete and the new quote has arrived.


Thanks guys I’ll go with removing the grey box totally :smile: