Random Quote Machine issue

I have a hard times with “New Quote” button functionality. It should change the div background-color, but it doesn’t work.
The second problem is with twitter-button functionality. It should open a new window instead of just a new tab.
Here the project itself on Thimble:
My project on Thimble

Whoa, I had no idea you could do that with jQuery. I’ll try not to abuse it in projects. .___.

Anyhow! I had a quick look and it appears that jQuery Color, which allows animation of colours, is a plugin and you just don’t have it included (see here). I tested with your code simply by including the minified version of 2.1.2 and it seems to have fixed the problem you mentioned.

I tested on both Firefox and Chrome and didn’t have any issues with a new window opening (I’m not sure if it’s a user setting, too). Would you happen to have changed anything already by the time I looked at it?

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Great thanks, it works! Do you know what to do with the twitter-button issue?