Random Quote Machine - jQuery issue? Returning quote from my array

I’m pretty stuck on Random Quote Machine. I couldn’t get an API for quotes to cooperate with CodePen so I have written functional JavaScript (JS tested and ran successfully in my browser console, anyway) to return a quote selected at random from an array. The problem I am currently having is that I cannot seem to bring this quote into my jQuery, so that this quote returns on button click. What I am getting instead is “0”. Here is the link to my CodePen. http://codepen.io/Mmgfrog/pen/egOxwq
Please advise. Thank you!
PS - I haven’t tried the Twitter API yet so please overlook that part for now. Want to get quote working correctly first.

Hi @Mmgfrog

Instead of returning "<b>" + quote + "</b>", you probably want to call your randomQuote function like: "<b>" + randomQuote() + "</b>". This will get the correct return value from the array.

As an aside, you may want to consider using .html instead of .append. So that it replaces the previous quote, rather than appending it to the h4.

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You’re almost there. You do not need to declare randomQuote() - you can do everything inside .append()'s anonymous function.

$("h4").append(function(quote) {
    function randomQuote() { ...   // <- don't need me!

And you don’t need the while loop. Keep the random number generator, but instead of hard-coding the upper bound, you can generate a random number between 0 and arr.length - that will select a quote from any size array.

You’re on the right track.

Edit to agree with @joesmith100: you want .html() instead of .append()

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Thank you so much @joesmith100 and @belcurv. I implemented your suggestions and it’s working great now. Sweet! I appreciate your help.