Random Quote Machine Material Design

With material design look,
quotes and colors changes every 10 seconds,
if you dont press the generate button.

Feedbacks are appreciated

Great work!


  • when I click the button, the interval doesn’t get a reset, so it can happen,
    that the quote changes half a second after I got a new quote by clicking the button
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yeah i see your point.

Yeah! That’s great! Awesome design, good idea and great quotes

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I really liked this page, it also works on my ipad which is a bonus!
Can you find a color and style for the quote card and quote text that fits your design better? The plain white and black with plain text font seems bland considering the nice page you made. At least consider trying different fonts or messing around with the charcater spacing or weight.
That’s the only nitpicky thing i could think of! Great job!

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