Random Quote Machine Pen: Tweet link not displaying

I used javascript to change the contents of the blue “Share” div to a twitter link that shares the text of the quote. But the link refuses to show up in the div, it’s just empty. If i add words after the link or even an entirely different link, they’ll show up, but not my twitter link. It should be just the word “Tweet.”

I’m aware that the example uses tumblr, but the instructions say twitter so I went with that. The links work by themselves, they just won’t display in the div. Can anyone help?

It works for me. After I click your “New Quote” button, everything works just fine. At first you have nothing to share.

EDIT: I added two screenshots before and after clicking the “New Quote” button you have there. I guess you could also make those divs to show a quote from the start.

After I click on a button “New Quote” the “Share” button changes to “Tweet” so it works for me too.

On my screen the div shows as completely empty. Why might this difference happen? I’m on the latest google chrome.

What do you mean by “completely empty”?

This is what I get

Looking at the code I don’t see what problem you could be having. Did you try using another browser or emptying cache + hard reload?

If you want you can take a look at my approach for this project. Fyi, there is no wrong approach. Random Quote