Random Quote machine Problems and result

Random Quote machine Problems and result
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In the last few days, I was trying so hard to make my own Quote Machine site.

The first problem was I have no idea how to start my JSON content, so it takes 3 days to find the best content while I was making it own design but finally, I figured out we should not do design first but coding first.

I was tried to get the best content but it failed because my first target Binary Quote website have no API sharing and it makes some more days delayed for my project so I tried to make up my own JSON content with free JSON server.

Finally, the content is Okay and the coding for the random machine is Okay to get a specific array from my own contents.

But it stacks when I tried to add twitter button… *** this is so important to sperate your buttons within a different divs to function really well**

I first added all buttons in one div and twitter sharing button automatically works when I press the new quote button…

this is my result ---- https://codepen.io/khaisen/full/VXamZV/ feel free to comment below and share your opinion…

Thanks …