Random Quote Machine project 6

i need help with one of the user stories:

6. On first load, my quote machine displays a random quote in the element with id=“text”.

If you can provide a link to your project (Codepen or jsFiddle or codesandbox.io) we might be able to help you figure out what the problem is.

Do you not understand what is being asked or do you think your code should pass this requirement?

I don’t understand what is asked being to do. I dont know if it is referring to using framework.

It has nothing to do with frameworks. It just means when your page first loads, your quote machine should display a random quote. The quote should appear within the element you have assigned an id=“text”.

Hey on my project im still noticing a little bug in the system. I did everything it asked on the project. A minute it will show that passed and when i run it again it will say i didn’t its kind a weird. Here is the link:

@jsamuel See my first reply to this thread. It applies to your code, because you only have 3 quotes.