Random Quote Machine Project-feedback Appreciated

Hello Everyone!
I just finished my third FCC project Random Quote Machine Project
but i will add some changes to my project i don’t make a quote machine i will make a joke machine

you will see here:

.  Random Joke Machine

Any advice and Feedback appreciated
I seem’s i learned a lot from this project
Thanks A lot!

I like it but i would only try to find some other solution for the footer where you have your social media links.

thanks @sorinr!
i need to find the best solution too but my background have so bright so this is the only footer that is see on my background so
how can i fix it?

solid machine man. I like the joke aspect of it too.

Thanks @joshuaaguilar20

I would not mix in js part jquery with vannila javascript. be consistent within your code. use either jquery or vannila throughout all your code.