Random Quote Machine Project - Glen lexry

Hey Guys,

Completed this project yesterday, had some problems figuring out how to change the background with different quotes, if anyone could teach me how to do that, that would be great! I’ve integrated some Bulma Css and jquery also!

And any feedback on my app would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Here’s my codepen: https://codepen.io/Lexry/full/LjQgxQ/

Looks cool! If you just want random backgrounds you can add CSS like

.background-1 {
.background-2 {

etc and then use your random integer to apply a CSS class. If you want a specific background for each quote you’ll have to store the quote and the background class in an object. You can also just store a URL to a background.

Love the look. Great job!

As far as feedback is concerned:

  1. this would be the ideal opportunity to play around with a random quotes api and try to incorporate it into your project - it would give the application more quotes and make it more interesting.
  2. it would be great if the first quote loaded without the user having to push a button - it takes away one unnecessary step for the user making the application more friendly.
  3. if the quote is too long to tweet you could truncate it to a length appropriate, again a user centric idea.

other than that, nicely done.

In fact, i was looking through the Api’s but i wanted something that felt more personal so went with manually putting out those quotes. Could have spent more time adding more but i was just trying to complete the given user stories. And to your 2nd point, one simple click couldn’t be too much of an effort right? but yep, i’ll definitely incorporate a more user friendly application in the future . To your 3rd point, yeah, i wasn’t really thinking about it at the time but yeah, it all makes sense. Thanks for the Feedback :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks! I’m still confused but I’ll look into it in the future Or it’ll naturally come to me in the future once i get the hang of all of it. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: