Random Quote Machine Project Help

this is my Random Quote Machine project
help me here i was unable to pass the quote in tweet window and it’s not opening
Look my code and correct it i will be thank full
Thank in advance


Dev Tools: Load denied by X-Frame-Options: https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?hashtags=quotes&text=quoteauth%20 does not permit framing.

what i need to do here ? i am in trouble
can you provide me a solution Please

I have different text in edge, you must set open in new window.

yeah i try window.location();
can you provide me a solution

The problem is that CodePen is putting your page inside an <iframe>, and twitter will not allow loading the tweet intent within an iframe (it’s a security thing to prevent “clickjacking”). You need to either use a regular <a> tag and change its href attribute dynamically, or open a new window entirely, using window.open to get around this. Another alternative is to use something like github pages or glitch instead of codepen.

I thin in some previous lesson and Project you must do that with a element

Thanks i will try it

still am having the same problem

can you explain me bit more so i could understand what exactly i need to do here

I look in project there is Img element only with ontweet function

yeah ontweet function in img tag I what in need to open the window so that tweet can be done

What is on my first suggestions?

Still not enough man
i Appreciated that you are trying me help me

I look what you try do, but the goals is
User Story #10: I can tweet the current quote by clicking on the #tweet-quote a element. This a element should include the "twitter.com/intent/tweet" path in it’s href attribute to tweet the current quote.

and this could help

or Jquery google how set attr href
I try making and

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