Random Quote Machine Project - Using Javascript no jquery

Hey everyone.

Hope you are all doing great. I have just completed the Random Quote Machine Project. It will be great if you guys can check it out and suggest me how can i improve?

below is the link for the project.

Codepen Link of Project

Is it a good practice to use jquery instead of javascript? I have done everything using javascript so i am just curious.

Let me know what do you think.
Thank you.

You did a wonderful job. And doing it purely with javascript shows you are good :+1:.
Anyway, you should work on it’s responsiveness on a smaller (mobile) device. Resize your window & see how it looks.

As for jquery, it brought a simpler way to code and target elements as opposed using pure JS.
E.g instead of document.getElementsByClassName() you simple use $(".className").
Although JS is adjusting more - like the introduction of document.querySelectorAll() to make it easier. So whichever works for you.

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Sorry replying after long time :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah sure i will work on responsiveness. I a currently learning CSS flexbox and CSS Grid from WesBos and using MDN docs for referencing.

Thank you for your feedback.