Random quote machine .project

I have a descent knowledge of python but when i start using its frame work django for web development i found i must know javaScript and Html , css very well in order to build good website .I have done html , javaScript portion from fcc curriculum .When i start building random quote machine application i have trouble with that .Hence i forked some one else project to just have an idea of how code is working behind it .It cannot take me further .Do it happens with most of campers or i am some where lacking in my knowledge and i have to fixed it first .

What have you done/accomplished so far in this project?

I had start breaking down the whole project into smaller parts like where and why i have to use html for which part etc .

OK, you’re on the right path so far.

But I think that you shouldn’t have taken a look at someone else’s full project code. If you get stuck, you can review the related topics for that specific problem, then search the Internet for a solution and then finally you can ask in the Gitter chat rooms or here. You have many resources you can use.

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At this point in the course, you should be able to sit down and make your own client-side app from scratch. You’re free to write a Python backend for it if you wish, but for the front end certificate, you must write your own front end code.

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