Random Quote Machine review and feedback

Hi, I just finished the Random Quote Machine project, which doesn’t look so great, but it appears to be working correctly.
The problem is that I could not pass the test. I only got 1 point out of 12.
I would appreciate it if you could review my code and give some comments for me to get through the trouble I am experiencing currently.

You can check out my project code at the following link.

Thank you very much.

It works correctly for me. Great job! I think that some of the tests fail only because of little formality: objectives state that id attributes should be used but your code has classes instead (just as “quote-box”, “text”…) It shouldn’t affect the functionality of your code but it just doesn’t pass the test.

Looks like you just need to add the corresponding ID names. Your quote machine works fine, so it appears to be merely a naming thing.

Thank you all for your support and help. I’ll go ahead and try to do what you suggested in your comments. I’m going to revise my project code in a day or two, because I need to figure out what I have to fix exactly and zero in on them.

Well, now it’s pretty much obvious that this is definitely what I’m going to be working on right now.

Thank you again.