Random Quote Machine Test Case #9


I’ve completed my Random Quote Machine project here: https://codepen.io/ttstauss/details/mGOyra/

I can’t seem to get it to pass test case #9:

    1. My quote machine should fetch the new quote’s author when the #new-quote button is clicked and display it in the #author element.

I thought it might be due to the author being the same for each quote, but I tested it with different authors and still had no luck passing.

In summary, after the component mounts or after the user clicks the new quote button, a random index is generated to select from an array of objects (each object has a quote and author prop). The appropriate props are then set to state.

Any ideas why this won’t pass?


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It is indeed failing because of a lack of unique authors. When I look at the test code, I see:

      it(`${reqNum}. My quote machine should fetch the new quote's author when
      the #new-quote button is clicked and display it in the #author element.`,
      function() {
        let prevAuth;


        prevAuth = document.getElementById('author').innerText;

        return new Promise((resolve) => {
          const intervalId = setInterval(() => {
            const newAuth = document.getElementById('author').innerText;
            if (newAuth !== prevAuth) {
          }, 500);

When I reduce the number of quote down from 17,000 to a more manageable 20 and add a unique character to the end of each, it passes.

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much for looking at this. I should’ve looked at the test code. Makes sense now.

I guess I can’t include all 275 Mitch Hedberg quotes :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ll just fork my origional and scale back the number of quotes. I’ll also use alternate names for each quote.


The number of quotes wasn’t the problem, per se. It just made it difficult to debug. In the real world, you would put those quotes in a separate file, in a DB, or in an API endpoint. Of course, in the real world you would also have easy access to the testing parameters.

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Yeah, that makes complete sense.

Thanks for the help!