Random Quote Machine: Time to put on your feedback hat my friends!


I have my random quote machine on both Codepen and GitHub. I wanted it to look simple and sweet.


Have a look and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

like the design, not sure about the colour cycling. Twitter opened in a new tab in firefox on windows, no modal?

Thanks for your thoughts @nikrb . I have been using a lot of models on my ePortfolio page for showcasing details about the projects I designed so far. So I just kept this simple by opening twitter in a new tab instead. Anyways I will give it a thought as it sounds good.

Looked really good… maybe change the color in an animated way?

Oh yes, I never thought about that! Thanks for bringing it up @ShaunakSen.

Also I have noticed some rendering issues with modals from CodePen in mobile versions. Not sure if you have experienced it too. I actually think a modal will be pretty cool and hence will incorporate it and push the code on GitHub maybe :slight_smile: Thanks again @nikrb!