Random Quote Machine troubles

Here’s my brand new Random Quote Machine
I have a couple of questions about it:

a) when Next button is pressed if the pointer is still on it, it keeps the old background color and that’s an unwanted behaviour. Is there a way the perform it better? [I don’t even like much the code I wrote for adding the css to it, but I found it pretty tricky to solve]

b) How can I add a “tweet” working button? Where this quotes are suppose to be tweeted? On a personal twitter page? (I don’t use Twitter much, as you can see :smiley: ). Any suggestion is welcome!

c) I’ve already sent this project because I thought the tweet button was a kind of placeholder for this functionality… I was wrong and want to add it, but do I have to resend it since I do a great change of the project?
I mean: I linked the pen, so they see my latest version, of course. But in a straight-arrow way, do I have to sent it again since one of the user-story was not completed?

Thanks in advance for your replies! :slight_smile:


The working tweet button is one of the required stories for you to pass the challenge.
For the tweet to be working button I won’t tell you how to exactly do it (it’s part of the challenge after all :wink:
But here are some pointers:

To have a tweet button working you need to pass on a url with some parameters to twitter as indicated

In addition, I would recommend you getting a little bit familiar with Twitter at least to the point where you know what tweet/follow/retweet/hashtag mean.

As for resending the link, no since it should be the same code pen you are submitting as your project.
You are only adding some code in it to get it working as requested

Thank so much for your tips! :slight_smile:
I’ll be back to work ASAP!