Random Quote Machine - Twitter link problem

Hello! I am having trouble getting my Twitter button to work. I get error messages in both Codepen and Atom:

Atom: “Cannot GET /twitter.com/intent/tweet”

CodePen: “404 I’m afraid you’ve found a page that doesn’t exist on CodePen. That can happen when you follow a link to something that has since been deleted. Or the link was incorrect to begin with. Sorry about that. We’ve logged the error for review, in case it’s our fault.”



You need to put ‘https://’ at the beginning of the URL.

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Hi bbsmooth,

I just double-checked my code and I don’t see a missing ‘https://’ at the beginning of a URL. Wondering what I’m missing.



This URL needs to be prefixed with https://. If you don’t do that then the browser interprets it as being relative to the current URL. Hold your mouse over the link and your browser should show you what it thinks the URL is.

I obviously didn’t look close enough at the html. Thanks so much for the fix!!