Random Quote Machine using Javascript + HTML5 Canvas

Since I first started learning Javascript few month ago, I finally created My own JS application which has taken me a while to get done. please check it out and give me your honest feedback…!
Try this on the full page view on computer screen!. Unfortunately I haven’t made it responsive to a small devices.

P.S) It might still have some bugs I haven’t discovered. I have gone through plenty of times of debugging which totally exhausted me. So please bear with me on that. :slight_smile:


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Very nice looking. Impressive work(I was not expecting something quite on this level.).

It might not meet some of the requirements for the actual freecodecamp challenge(like being able to click a button to tweet out a quote) if you were concerned with that though. My guess is that you’ve already done the challenge on the site and are just revisiting it to do it better, so the requirements wouldnt necessarily be a priority to you

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Very nice, pretty impressive.

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Thank you!! :slight_smile: And I also appreciate for letting me know what I missed. I’ve just added that tweet button haha.

Thank you, I’m so glad that I you’ve got good impression from it.

That is freaking awesome… I love it!

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