Random Quote machine - works but extremely slow

Finally got my Quote machine to work with an API but it’s extremely slow. Is it the API itself or could it have something to do with my code? It takes literally 5-10 seconds to load a quote.

Here’s the pen: http://codepen.io/sakne/pen/RppBwJ
I only just started so it’s very bare bones, don’t mind that. Just click the button and wait for about 10 seconds :smiley:

I used JSONP for this. it works quickly. Here is the lesson I made for my class.

Thanks for the reply.
I guess it was slow because I was using the Crossorigin on it. But without it the forismatic API didn’t seem to be working. Tried a different API and it works without crossorigin and it’s not slow :slight_smile:

I had similar problems with crossorigin proxy. Sometimes it would not even respond, let alone be fast. Finding a better API and avoiding these proxies would be the best solution.

I personally used https://darksky.net/dev/