hi everyone,
i have created a random-quote-machine using react and scss. Please give your valuable feedback.
thank you.
my code is: https://codepen.io/Navbham/full/MWyMWMB

Hey there!

For me the title of Random Quotes is a little hard to read. So maybe a different color like black might help. Also for the changing pictures in the background it would be nice if there was a smooth transition between images. So maybe some subtle animation might help with that.

Good job though!

Happy coding!

Looks functional. react transition group can help animate in and out on state changes. I used it on mine to make the images animate in/out… https://mike1234-pixel.github.io/LOTRQuote/

You would have to google how to implement it I don’t really remember the steps…

i have made changes as you guys told me…thank you for ur suggestions.
It looks better now.
Thank you