Random quotes and weater app Feedback

Hello guys,
i’m learning so much from this projects but i want improve my skills and delete my errors. So, please, give me every tips and feedback about this projects!



Two suggestions for the Random Quotes project:

  1. You need to think about how to best implement your design on a mobile device, because below is what you see on an IPhone. Your button is using position:absolute, so it overlays the quote text. Need to think about specifying a font-size for your quote text using em as the unit.

  1. When the page first loads, you have no quote showing, but you have a tweet button showing. I suggest setting the display property to none ( display: none; ) and then using JQuery to show the button when it is clicked.

Tank you for the suggestions. :blush:
I never study about design on a mobile device, but i think it’s the time to do this. I will start soon.

I didn’t hide my button because it can be clicked and shows an “easter egg”, “Hello world!” is
the most famous quote in programming :stuck_out_tongue:

I did something. Can you give me some tips and feedback about my upload?