Random Quotes Project and Local Weather App

Hi! I want to show you another my projects.
Please see its and write the reviews. I really appreciate your feedbacks:slight_smile:

Local Weather App https://codepen.io/Katrin_A/full/QQaORE
Random Quotes about New York https://codepen.io/Katrin_A/full/bLoQBd

Hi Katrin,

Both projects look great. I found only 1 issue:

On narrow mobile displays your Random quote machine’s “New Quote” button is hidden behind your logo, so the user can’t press it:


It might also be useful to somehow indicate visually that the C and F in your Local Weather App switch between celcius and farenheit and, for example, change their order on each switch.

Other than that, very professional and elegant sites.

Keep on rocking!

Thank you for your review and advice:).
Of course this is problem. Thanks. I’ll try to fix it.

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Weather App - Because you show both ℃ and ℉, it is not clear to the user which unit is currently being displayed. I suggest either making non-current unit semi-transparent or only showing one at a time, so it is clear which temperature is actually being shown.

Random Quote Machine - Because you only have 9 quotes, I suggest you implement a solution to prevent the same quote from being displayed to times in a row. A user may think something is wrong if they click the button and the quote does not change. An even better solution would be to not allow any quote to repeat until all 9 quotes have been displayed at least one time. After all 9 have been displayed, you could then start the cycle over again.

Thank you very much. It is very useful and exact advices.
And I agree with you. I need to try fix it.