randomQuoteGenerator [solved]

how to get my quote and source to go into the html?

the JS works by itself (tested in console, VS Code).

so my variables are q = quote, s = source (who said it)
(both are stored in JS array, not doing API)

There are some errors in your JS file. Try to find and fixed and you should get a working page. After that you can fix the next button to change the quotes.

i’ve been going over this for days.

can’t seem to find what is wrong.

currently the random quote finally fills the space upon load/reload.
but can’t get button to work. :frowning:

Here an working version of your code.

wow thanks!
i see now.

i was trying to put my var in the ready function. that’s not a good idea.

Yep. Look here to see the same pen not working because the var is only scoped to doc.ready function.

it’s always the little things, huh?
thanks a million!

You are very welcome. Happy coding :+1: