Raspberry Pi as Azure IoT Edge device

I’m super excited :smile: I got a Raspberry Pi for Christmas, and finally doing something with it…Ive started setting it up as an IoT Edge device. Curious to know if anyone has any experience with doing anything like this or similar?

Here’s a blog post I just wrote about the progress Ive made so far if anyone is interested :blush:


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Oooh I’ll check out your post later (when I’m less exhausted- six day week… bah). I have two Raspberry Pis (both were free…) that I have no idea what to do with… yet.

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Yeah there are so many pretty cool things to do with it. To be honest, when I powered it up, I was floored…I thought it would be the most basic rudimentary thing, nope, a real desktop with applications and a few IDES, lots of programming tools actually, and a full office suite. Jeez! I had a “Do people know about this thing?! Its awesome!” moment :joy:

My daughter kind of kidnapped it since it comes with the Minecraft game, but I have it back now :smiley: You can attach all sorts of things to it, cameras, sensors, mics, and set it up to do all sorts of neat things. Ive never been into hardware and stuff like that, but now that I found something to do with it, this seriously has me excited and geeking out lol

This is cool, awesome stuff.

So you bought a DHT11/DHT22 sensor and that is what allows you to measure temperature and humidity? Can the DHT11/DHT22 sensors measure/record any other things?

And what is the IoT Edge service for? And how are you utilizing it?

For a moment I thought you set up your Pi to be a Microsoft Edge browser device :joy: