Raspberry Pi v. Samsung Tablet

Hi guys! i’m a total noob but i hope i can become a master wizard here soon! I’m trying to finish off my basics so that i can learn coding and other forms of software engineering. I am trying to connect my Samsung Tablet to my Raspberry Pi but it says that it will not open any files on it. they don’t even appear, but they appear on the windows comp at school. Is there something I’m missing? Thank you guys, any help you can provide to better understand my devices is appreciated soooo much! :hugs:

Did you install the right software onto the tablet?
You can get a vieuw apps that will have it

Which ‘it’ can’t open the other ‘it’? I’m getting lost in pronouns here.

You have two options available for using an Android tablet or phone as a display for your Raspberry Pi

I have a few essay i wrote on a pc at school but quarantine happened. i bought a raspberry pi 3 b+ and have wrote some on here, i tried to access the ones i wrote on pc in school, which i have saved on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet, but my pi can’t see the files. Thank you for your time

I just want to open docs and pics through my pi. also that’d be cool to turn my pi into a laptop lol neato

I did not, should i have done that before? and if its not too much trouble can you tell me which apps would work?

Have the same type of issue. Can’t connect my android tablet with Raspberry Pi. Don’t know what’s the problem is and how to fix it. Have you fixed the issue? If yes, please guide me too. Thanks.