Rate my drum machine

I think it looks really good: professional even! What do you guys think? Any constructive criticism is welcomed!

Have you check this app on a small screen? The buttons layout is strange on mobile. Also there is a semicolon lost in html

Thanks for the replay! The semicolon in the style thingy you mean? Taken care of!
Looks fine on my phone. Whats your phone resolution if I may ask?

Yes, at 0,5x size everything is OK, but in full view or at 1x in editor view I can see this:

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Thanks for pointing it out. Time to add a media query! What do you think besides that?

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I think you did a good job, but you could add more functionality to make the app more complex and professional. I try to add some extra things to every project, even if it’s not required.
And what about front end libraries? This project is in libraries section.