Rate my first portfolio site and give it feedback

Hello everyone

I currently have a web portfolio online and I plan to add codecamps work to my site as well. If could get some feedback and suggestions on what to do with it id appreciate it


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Hi Jeremiah,

Your site definitely shows off your enthusiasm! What I think, though, is that your site lacks focus and in wanting to say a lot, says very little. The design is sparse and in some places it felt thin, like everything was spread over a large area. Overall, it could benefit from a rethinking of the design. For instance, I think it’s a great idea to have a blog and a YouTube channel, and it’s also great to have those referenced on your personal site. However, I also think that when people go looking for that sort of thing, they’ll want to check either your About or Contact sections rather than entries in your navbar. While it’s cool that you built your blog system, you’ll get far more readership if you use an established social platform like Medium and link to that on your site. Keeping with this idea, make sure your Github page is easily found with your other social links rather than a link in a dropdown.

I noticed that the navbar doesn’t span the whole page, it feels kind of awkward on the left by itself, and the size changes on almost every page. Don’t get me wrong, that sort of asymmetry could look really cool (I totally think you should work with it), but it should be consistent no matter which page I navigate to. Also, none of the links change on mouse hover, unless I hover over projects, in which case all of the links change.

It’s easy to see how much you love what you do, but if I were you, I’d stat a new site from scratch and be a little less ambitious. Make it about you first, then add more links as you have stuff to add. “Coming soon!” looks worse on a professional’s site than nothing at all. If you’re wanting to get into web development, you won’t need to mention your C++, games or other projects, just introduce yourself and show off your web work. When it comes to website design, remember: Less is more! When there’s less on the site to distract people, they’ll be able to see your talents shine through.