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Could you rate this please

Make sure you are using https:// when viewing on codepen


Whatever i do, i by default take into account what would happen if everyone did the same.

“Throwing this one piece of trash on the street surely means nothing, right? But what if a billion people did the same?”
“Going out of my way to help someone a tiny bit surely makes no difference. But what if a billion people did the same?”
“Making a clickbait post on a serious forum is just a tiny joke. But what if everyone did the same?”

Keep this site organized. Please don’t do this crap.

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Woah ok, well I’m sorry for the one being the one piece of thrown trash aye

For the record, i’m not grumpy even 1%. There’s just no place for ridiculously misleading titles on a forum like this.

On a rating of 0 to 42, with 0 being the duckbilled platypus and 42 being the Pope’s barber, I would rate the seriousness of this site, “Turkey balloon”. You’ll definitely get more and better help if your title is honest and agrees with the content of your post, though.

As for your app, I had just a bit of trouble with geolocation on account of CodePen connecting insecurely. You were right to use the native geolocation, but you can’t always control how your users connect to the site. I’d suggest putting in an error message when the geolocation fails so the user knows that it should be working, but isn’t. Otherwise, great effort here :thumbsup:

Noted, decided to mess around with out really thinking about it. Happy with the turkey balloon rating though, I was expecting around hedgehog shoes to be honest.

Also good shout, I used the https link when posting this forgetting how this forum deals with codepen links, once you click from that it takes you there with http. So yeah like you say can’t always control how they get there, great bit of advice. I’ll make sure to implement that, thank you!

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