RE: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage. U.Story #8 and #108 and

Hi there,

I’m a n00b, but as far as I can see this should work.

The User Story works for #8, but the test won’t pass.

And I’m at a loss on # 10!

Here’s the link to my Cod Pen:

Hoping you could please help me out.

Thank you!

Hi @baruaremy, welcome to the forum! :wave:t2:

The link you posted looks to be the link to the freeCodeCamp CodePen template. Please edit your post and update the link to your project so that others can help you out.

Hi @robertgroves :wave:, nice meeting you!

The link I’ve shared is to the project, as far as I can see. I’m missing something here.

Would it be okay/easier for me to plonk the code in here?


Hey there,

nice to meet you!

As stated by @robertgroves,

you linked the empty FCC template.
You can see this in the URL, because there is the username in it:

Please do not post the full project in here,
try to create a new codepen with your code.

If you need some help to create the new pen,
let us know. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@baruaremy you probably need to click the button labeled Fork in the CodePen interface. That will make a copy of the project under your account and save your code changes in your copy. The link you copy and paste here should show your username in the url, similar to how miku86 pointed out for the freeCodeCamp user link you’ve shared previously.

Awesome - thanks for that @robertgroves!

I think that’s worked now: