Re: Donation Pop-Up

I have been donating to FCC for a few years now.

Every time I’m on the site I keep getting prompts to donate.

Q: Is there not a way to associate the user’s email address with some sort of rule that says:

if (userEmail === donationEmail)  {
    (Don't show user Pop-Up)

Or, if you already have this rule in place, how can I update my donation email so that it doesn’t show me this pop-up?

I’m getting tired of being prompted to do something that I’ve been doing for years.

If I recall correctly, there is a rule in there somewhere to disable the pop-up for reoccurring donors. I think there is an email address to write to if this isn’t working correctly for you. I’m on my phone, so it isn’t easy to track down, but there have been previous forum posts with more details.

write to, the donation process has changed various times and various ways don’t make the association of donation to your account

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Apparently that email address does not exist, or work.
My email just got returned.

Tracked down the email…

It’s donors@

Thanks ilenia!

Sorry! I went by memory, glad you found the correct one

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