React - Add Comments in JSX

I have tried 2 variations but none of it is working.
Describe your issue in detail here.

  <h1>This is a block of JSX</h1>
  <p>Here's a subtitle</p>
const JSX = (
  <h1>This is a block of JSX</h1>
  <p>Here's a subtitle</p>
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Challenge: React - Add Comments in JSX

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HI @mahassan !

In the starter code, there is only one div element.
This first example, it looks like you were trying to add two end div tags

I would reset the lesson and just place the comment above the h1 and it should pass

I did like in the second example but nothing.

If you are referring to this second example here, then that is incorrect

The lesson doesn’t want you to comment out the JSX.

The lesson wants you to add a comment tag, somewhere inside the div element.

You were close with your first example you posted, but you had two </div> tags.

This part is correct

Just make sure not to alter anything else

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After many attempts I did it. Thank you so much.

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