React and Angular HELP

I have 18 months experience in web development, i am an aspiring full stack developer. I had trouble setting up my react and angular environments, since covid19 quarantine i have had trouble with it. I tried reddit, stack overflow and the dev community but they couldnt help me. Im busy setting up my portfolio now with 3 projects(2 websites and a weather app using mainly html,css, vanilla javascript).
My questions are:

  1. React and angular apps require you to set up environments, now when i load the apps into vs code i have to change some files to start my own project then as soon as i change some default files the browser shows error: enoent. I cant change anything from there then i re-installed react and angular environments via cmd countless amounts of times but nothing seems to be working. I went through some webpack tutorials, node modules and such but nope nothing was working. Can you assist me please?
  2. Regarding question 1; i know codesandbox is used for small project testing and dirty code work etc. but can i use that to build projects for portfolio then just upload to github? I mean it will be projects to eventually get a job.

Hello there,

The first question requires specific knowledge of what you are doing. So, you will have to detail your steps that are failing. Generally, setting up the React environment requires nothing more than:

  1. Nodejs
  2. npm install create-react-app
  3. create-react-app my-react-app-name
  4. npm run start

That is it. Then, you change the necessary components, and add new ones. If you are referring to a full-stack app, there are plenty other boilerplates out there that exist, and can be cloned with just as much ease.

For your second question: Yes, you can use CodeSandbox for that. I would not recommend you host your portfolio on CodeSandbox, but if you are planing on uploading (exporting) the project to GitHub, then that is fine.

That being said, CodeSandbox is an extensive environment. So, it would be a bit much for a simple, front-end app. In which case, for experimenting, you could use something like CodePen. However, CodePen does not integrate with GitHub. So, uploading the project to GitHub would be manual.

Hope this helps

I follow those steps and then my react or angular app is created with vs code then as soon as I change some files (to start my own project) I get error:enoent in the browser.
Yes I am planning to use codesandbox for react, angular and vue then exporting to github for my portfolio.
What are the other boiler plates for a full stack apps?
Thanks so much for your response

This is the SO link:

Also, freeCodeCamp is not SO, so you are more likely to get help if you submit a question with all the details in it, and not a link to SO.

That being said, it is still difficult to help without knowing more information about your workspace/directory structure, and the comments on SO are as helpful as they can be with the information provided.

Hope this helps

Thanks so much.

I will get someone in person to assist when quarantine is over. I will look into those github boilerplates.