React app pairing

I am searching for a camper who wants to pair up on creating a react app for learning purposes. :slight_smile:

I’m in!
What are we gonna build?
What will we use?
When do we start?

Sure, hit me up! :slight_smile:

idk if any is still in. i saw ur football game flopet. it was awesome.

how about building a pairing board that works? with push-notifications on a match?
wanna discuss features?

Hey @ronstarcool
It would be cool if would want to :smiley:

cool, now, im probably the least expirienced in here… :frowning:
but ill work hard! im totally in.

I am working on implementing authentication and a real-time database in a react-like app (inferno) for a chat application. My stack is kind of insane but if you are willing to work on a chat application I am open to join forces.

flopet, you prefer to use gitter , discord or something else as a group-chat? to discuss the project.

from of tomorrow (friday 10 feb) i got lots of time