React best course for development

Out of the instructors listed below Can Anyone suggest the best instructor and their course name on Udemy for developing Advance React Applications ?

Andrew Mead
Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Brad Traversy
Stepehen Grider

The instructor must cover the advance concepts of react which are required while building a Complete Application.

Please do share your opinion as it will be really helpful !!!

Only someone who has done all those courses can really give you an objective opinion. In my case I tried Stephen Griden Modern React and Redux course and I had to go somewhere else because it jumped too fast into Redux and didn’t explain in-depth some basic React concepts. However not long ago the course got an update and the instructor added new lessons to explain React more in detail before jumping into Redux, which I think was very helpful. I already had built some apps with React when I went back to this course just out of curiosity and I think those lessons would be pretty good for a beginner.

Stephen is a great instructor, his voice is very engaging and he really takes his time when explaining how something works. I’ve seen tutorials from Traversy and Maximilliam on youtube and in my opinion I think Stephen is a better instructor (to me).

However the best instructor I’ve found is (and again in my opinion) Mosh Hamedani, he has a 2 hours tutorial React video on Youtube, check it out and see if you like his teaching style, if you do you can purchase his course on his platform. It would be more expensive than buying a course on Udemy but it’s totally worth it, I learned React (and so many other things) from him.

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