React Challenges Freeze Browser

Hello everyone. I have started the React Challenges. I have reached the Compose React Components but every time I hit Run The Test the browser freezes as it does with an infinite loop. The same happens even if I have written nothing myself as a solution.
Thank you in advance.

Can you post the code you are using here as a reply? If you can copy/paste the actual code, that would be better than a screenshot.

Also, what browser are you using? Chrome works best with the FCC challenges, because the new curriculum uses features that some browsers (Edge and IE) do not support currently.

Hello. I use Firefox developer edition the latest version. I haven’t used anything in the code. It is the default code from freecodecamp. Now I cannot even access it. The browser freezes. I haven’t faced that problem before.

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I am facing the same issue too, have you been able to figure it out?

Hello. No I haven’t been able to figure it out. And the problem is that I cannot post the code in the browser’s editor because when I enter the challenge my browser freezes. It just crashes, unfortunately.

Has anyone been able to find a solution to this? I tried someone’s Youtube solution from last year and it doesn’t apply apparently to this year’s update.


Can you tell which browser and OS this problem occurs on?

Edit: unable to produce the bug in firefox.

So I’m using Chrome at the moment just like in the video.
Actually to update my issues, not only is this challenge freezing but the next one also.

The third after that one seems to be working as I just solved it a few minutes ago.

I also don’t have this error using chrome on mac. Can you try on other browsers? Also, it happens only when you run the tests or when you open the page?

I know this is an old thread but I wanted so share a possible answer.

I’ve encountered this problem as well, and it turns out it was caused by a silly mistake on my part.

Just in case you share my fate, I urge you to check your loops and make sure you do not have a += instead of -= (or vice versa). Those infinite loops can be quite a big pain in the neck.

Happy Coding!

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