React D3 Heat Map

Hello, fellow campers,

I have just completed my third visualization project using a combination of D3 and React, and would love to hear your feedback.

your project looks great, certainly better than mine. It does feel like the tooltip lags a bit?
I didnt dare plug React with the D3 projects, my skills are definitely bellow that and i find it very interesting how you intertwined the two, e.g. react component representing a d3 svg element

your project looks great. the only things i noticed were the title wasn’t fully visible at the top and the drag over feature on the graph was a little laggy. overall, though, i really like it

Yes, it is very laggy. I have struggled with the same issue in all three visualizations I’ve built with the same React-D3 stack. I will work on improving performance before moving on to the next project. Thank you for your feedback!

Yes, I need to work on my messy CSS implementation and on improving performance for the mouse events. Thank you for your feedback!

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