React Error on 25+5 clock

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So I am currently doing the final project in the Front End Development Libraries

However I am experiencing a React error on the timeout variable in the clock function error message is displaying
"Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression "

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let timeout = setTimeout(() => {
        if (playTimer && timeNow) {
            setTimeNow(timeNow - 1);
}, 1000);

const startTimer = () => {
        setPlayTimer(prev => !prev)

const clock = () => {
        if (playTimer){
            timeout; // error is pointing here
        } else{

useEffect(() => {
}, [playTimer, timeout, timeNow]);
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The error is only showing itself when I do npm start in VScode but it works fine on codepen as seen here **It even passes the whole test on codepen **
But it doesnt display when I do npm start.
Can anyone help me solve the issue?

const num = 9
bla bla

“const num = 9” is doing something but “num” is not.