React-file-base64 is not getting loaded in a react project

This here showing three dots after the package name react-file-base-64
when I try to upload a file it is giving me this error:

xhr.js:177 POST http://localhost:5000/posts 409 (Conflict)

First of all, that package hasn’t had a publish in 4 years - never a good sign. It looks like it isn’t being maintained. It might be OK since this is a simple enough thing.

Secondly, did you hover on those three dots to see if there was a message? I think in VSC that means a suggestion. What editor are you using?

Lastly, I don’t think that package will be posting anything so I assume that that http fail has nothing to do with this package, but is calling a local server. Are you running a local server or is that just your React dev server? (I’m used to that being on port 3000.)

Do you have a repo for this?

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