React for Beginners - Project Based Course

Hi! im trying to start learning React so i watched this video (
React JavaScript Framework for Beginners – Project-Based Course - YouTube ) which teaches 3 projects to do and im actually reading the code of the first
( source code from the user who wrote the program : TeamMemberAllocation - Replit ).

My main question is : What does each .JSX files in the program do?
JSX archives (
1-App ,
2-Employees ,
3-Footer ,
4-GroupedTeamMembers ,
5-Header ,
6-index ,
7-Nav ,
8-NotFound ,
9-TeamMemberCard ,
10-TeamMembers ,
11-Teams )

I mean,a short explanation of each JSX because i watched the video and more or less i understand its something about the management of a team in a web app but i have a lot of doubts.

Thanks and see you!

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