React for Beginners - Project Based Course

Hi! im trying to start learning React so i watched this video (
React JavaScript Framework for Beginners – Project-Based Course - YouTube ) which teaches 3 projects to do and im actually reading the code of the first
( source code from the user who wrote the program : TeamMemberAllocation - Replit ).

My main question is : What does each .JSX files in the program do?
JSX archives (
1-App ,
2-Employees ,
3-Footer ,
4-GroupedTeamMembers ,
5-Header ,
6-index ,
7-Nav ,
8-NotFound ,
9-TeamMemberCard ,
10-TeamMembers ,
11-Teams )

I mean,a short explanation of each JSX because i watched the video and more or less i understand its something about the management of a team in a web app but i have a lot of doubts.

Thanks and see you!

Why don’t you try to explain what you think each JSX file does per your understanding after watching the video? If you can explain it, then you more than likely understand how it works.