React functional component calculator

this is my calculator
built with react

any suggestions regarding the logic feel welcome

React App (

thank you for your time


You should configure your calculator to accept double subtraction signs. It seems to be the only case that’s not working. If you try 5 - - 2 = the console throws an error instead of computing it as 5 - (-2) = 7.

The design could also be improved a bit, but since you’re interested in the logic i’ll just say one thing. Adding a 1em padding to your div that holds your buttons and maybe a small gap between the buttons could really improve things.

thank you so much for taking the time testing the calculator
indeed that point i missed when was doing the negative numbers
thank you so much now im busy with the 25+5 clock and for some reason my counter just skip the 2 first seconds then continue normal i think its the time between rerenders
but definitely will keep a record in the github repo to come back to it later

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